Choosing the Best Infant Car Seat

As you prepare for the journey home with your newborn, there's one item that should be at the top of your checklist: a proper child safety seat, commonly known as a car seat. It's not just a recommendation – it's a legal requirement in every state. If you plan on ever taking your little one along in your car, it’s a must-have—and if you’re driving home from the hospital, most won’t discharge you without one.

An infant car seat is designed to provide safe transportation from birth until babies reach 12-18 months or hit around 35 lbs, and up to 32 inches in height. It is rear-facing and is specifically tailored to meet the size, weight, and safety needs of babies during their earliest stages of life. Check out some tips to be considerate when choosing the best option for your baby and the best options in the market, which you can find at Luna Baby Store.

Ease of Installation
Installing an infant car seat has to be a breeze. With a base that securely attaches to your car's back seat or can be effortlessly fastened using the seat belt, parents can rest assured knowing their precious cargo is safeguarded during every journey.

Lightweight and Portable
Gone are the days of cumbersome car seats. Infant car seats might be ingeniously lightweight, making them a breeze to carry from car to home and beyond. Equipped with a convenient handle, transporting your baby has never been more effortless.

Seamless Transition with Travel Systems
For added convenience, most infant car seats seamlessly integrate with compatible Travel System strollers. This innovative feature enables parents to effortlessly transfer their bundle of joy from car to stroller without disruption, making outings a breeze.

Rear-Facing for Maximum Safety
Safety is non-negotiable, especially when it comes to our little ones. Infant car seats are always installed in a rear-facing position, offering optimal protection for delicate heads, necks, and spines. This crucial orientation significantly reduces the risk of injury during potential collisions, providing parents with invaluable peace of mind.

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Best Options in the Market

Nuna: Pipa RX and Pipa urbn

Nuna Pipa Rx

Nuna stands out for offering ultralight options, such as the Pipa Rx, which weighs only 7.60 lbs and includes the base Relx Base that can be easily installed in just 5 seconds and offers four position on-the-go recline. Also, the Nuna RELX base is compatible with all Nuna PIPA series infant car seats, while the Pipa RX car seat is compatible with all Nuna strollers and their included adapters to make a travel system.
Additionally, it features side impact protection for ultimate baby safekeeping, and the inserts are made of comfortable organic jersey. From fabric to foam and beyond, each element is smartly sourced to be both flame resistant and contain no added fire-retardant chemicals.

Nuna Pipa urbn

Another great option from Nuna é the Pipa urbn, which is only sold as a package travel system. The PIPA urbn reimagines the future of travel with baby. This one-of-a-kind, ultra-lightweight infant car seat weighs only 7 lbs and installs using an advanced, built-in ISOFIX system. This groundbreaking baseless installation feature is integrated into the car seat, allowing for super secure installs in seconds when moving from car, to taxi, to rideshare and offering a new generation of journeys. It also features a one-handed, quick release from pushchair and vehicle and Nuna’s iconic Dream drape™ for ultimate privacy - so you and baby can navigate life with modern-day ease.

Cybex: Aton G, Cloud T, Cloud G, and Cloud G Lux

Cybex Aton G

Cybex recently launched new versions of the Aton and Cloud infant car seats:  Aton G, Cloud T,  Cloud G, and Cloud G Lux infant car seats. The CYBEX Aton G offers the option with a 180-degree swivel base, making it easier than ever to load and unload the child from the carrier while the seat is installed in the vehicle, and advanced safety features like the anti-rebound bar and linear side-impact protection reduce collision forces in the event of a crash. Further optimizing safety and comfort, the Aton G weighs only 9 lbs.


Cybex Cloud Q Lux
The Cybex Cloud G and Cloud G Lux Comfort Extend infant car seat offer a full recline position and an extending leg rest for a comfortable and ergonomic position when used outside the vehicle. Prioritizing safety, the one-click rigid LATCH install offers quick, simple, and safe installation in seconds while absorbs energy and reduces crash forces on the child by up to 30%. In addition, the Safelock™ belt tensioner provides quick and easy installation when using vehicle seat belts, and the Sensorsafe-technology (an optional feature) allows to send mobile app alerts if a child unbuckles the chest clip, if the back seat becomes too warm or too cold, and if the driver unintentionally leaves the child behind.

The Cloud T is Cybex's newest release and comes with several unique features compared to previous versions. What sets it apart? The Cloud T has an additional external protection that is easier to handle. It also fits perfectly on Cybex strollers and offers an even better full recline than the Cloud G, making it ideal for newborns. You might wonder why this is important. In any other infant car seat without recline, the maximum time a baby can stay in it is only 2 hours, to avoid causing issues with their spine. However, the Cloud T i-Size can be used outside the car with maximum flexibility: the seat can recline to a completely flat position as part of a travel system with a stroller.

It has an integrated sun canopy that provides ample shade both inside and outside the car, in any reclined position. It is compatible with the Z2 base and T base. The Cloud T can be used from birth up to approximately 24 months and features improved air ventilation, 180-degree rotation, and 3D mesh inserts that enhance breathability up to six times. It also comes with a height-adjustable headrest. One last highlight is that it is slightly lighter than the previous version.
The Cloud T will soon be available here in our store.

Uppababy: Mesa Max and Mesa V2

Uppababy Mesa Max

Uppababy offers two brand new options: Mesa Max and Mesa V2. At the forefront of infant car seat technology, the UPPAbaby MESA series stands out as the pinnacle of safety, comfort, and innovation.
With its unique technology, featuring a tightness indicator and self-retracting LATCH connectors, installation has never been faster, more accurate, or easier. A simple glance at the indicator window, changing from red to green, offers visual confirmation that the base is securely installed every time, ensuring maximum safety for your precious cargo.
The MESA Max offers 43% more sun coverage and privacy with the expanded XL canopy, and the addition of a 4th rebound carry handle position to both models increases safety in rear-impact collisions when installing the seat without the base, providing extra peace of mind for parents.

Bugaboo: Turtle Air by Nuna

Bugaboo Turtle Air

Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna is designed to be ultra-portable without compromising on safety or comfort, making it the ideal choice for families on the go since day one. Crafted in collaboration with the renowned car seat brand Nuna, the Turtle Air car seat is another great option for whom wants a lightweight infant car seat – it weighs only 7.1 lbs!
Thanks to its compatibility with Bugaboo Bee, Donkey, Fox, Lynx, and Cameleon 3 strollers, you can enjoy seamless integration for a hassle-free travel experience. Plus, adapters are included with the Bee 6 and Fox 3 strollers, ensuring a perfect fit right out of the box.


Maxi Cosi: Emme 360 Rotating All-in-One Seat

 The Emme 360° Convertible Multi-Function Rotating Car Seat with 360° rotation is an innovative swivel car seat featuring 360° FlexiSpin technology. This allows the car seat to rotate in all usage modes (rear-facing and forward-facing), making it easier to place your child in and out of the vehicle with minimal strain on your back.

It also addresses a common issue with car seat installation that 7 out of 10 parents unknowingly encounter: loose vehicle seat belt tension. Maxi-Cosi's TensionFix is a patent-pending, red-to-green tension-sensitive indicator that shows when the seat belt is properly tightened. The Emme 360’s exceptional design meets or exceeds all federal safety standards and is compliant with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The attached tether ensures that the base and the seat are used together when installed.

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