Joolz upper sunhood Geo2
The Joolz Geo² upper sun hood protects your child against bright sunlight. + provides extra sun shade+ with and without shade fabric+ suitable for bassinet and seat
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Joolz Hub cocoon
The ergonomic design of the newly developed cocoon embraces your newborn in comfort. You can use it from birth up to 18 months. During the first 6 months, the mattress can be used in a lie-flat position to provide extra...
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Joolz footmuff Hub/Geo2
The bottom of this footmuff has been finished with an anti-mud layer, keeping the footmuff nice and clean, and your child nice and warm. + anti-mud layer + pacifier compartment + cocoon hood + magnets to fold the front over...
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Joolz Sidepack Geo2
When using duo configuration, this side pack will carry your things in style. + suitable to use with duo + no need for plastic bags + easily removed + easy access + capacity of up to 4 lbs
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Joolz footboard
With your Joolz footboard, your child enjoys a comfortable ride behind the stroller. Easy to store when not in use. + Spacious and stable: your child enjoys a comfortable ride + Smart design: enough space for long legs behind the stroller +...
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Joolz upper raincover Hub/Geo2
Let it rain: you'll keep your little one nice and dry. Just like your stroller. This cover dries incredibly quick and is folded up with ease. + protection from rain, hail, snow and wind + folds away into self-contained, compact...
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Joolz Cup Holder Hub/Geo2
It doesn't matter what this cup holder is used for: your baby's bottle or your water. The most important thing is not mixing them up. + anti-spill + perfect for bottles and sippy cups  
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Joolz parasol Hub / Geo2
You can do more to protect your child from the sun. This unique design with UV-filter provides additional shade. + UPF 50+ + lots of shade + 2 bendable positions + perfect positioning + matches the Joolz Geo2 collections
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Joolz upper mosquito net Geo2
The upper mosquito net fits the Joolz Geo² bassinet and seat to keep bugs away from your child. keeps the bugs out  suitable for bassinet and seat  easy-to-attach and store  mesh structure ensures optimal ventilation  
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