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Have you, as a mom-to-be, already chosen your baby's name? For those of you who enjoy learning about name meanings and knowing which ones are trending, this article is for you.

According to the latest data from the Social Security Administration, 3.58 million babies were born in the USA in 2023. From this number, we gather the leading names for this year. But first, here are some interesting facts: the name Liam has been leading for seven consecutive years, while Olivia has been at the top of the female list for five years after dethroning Emma, previously number 1 for five years.

Here are the most common names for boys and their meanings, in order:

1. Liam: The name Liam means "Brave Protector" and is a name of Irish and Germanic origin.

2. Noah: Noah is a name of Hebrew origin meaning "rest" or "comfort.". It has a rich history and is present in different cultures around the world.

3. Oliver: Oliver is of Latin origin, derived from the name "Olivarius", which means "olive tree" in Latin. The olive tree is a symbol of peace, fertility, and wisdom.

4. James: James means "one who comes from the heel." It is the English form of James, which means "The Winner".

5. Elijah: The name Elijah has Hebrew origins, being a variation of the name "Elias". Its meaning is associated with the term "Eliyahu", which means "The Lord is my God."

6. Mateo: The meaning of the original Hebrew name is "Gift of God," and this interpretation carries across various languages and cultures.

7. Theodore: The name Theodore has Greek roots, formed by the combination of the elements "theos", meaning "God", and "dōron", meaning "gift." It can be interpreted as a "Gift of God" or "Divine Gift".

8. Henry: A name formed by the combination of the Germanic words "heim", meaning "home" or "house", and "ric", meaning "Ruler, Prince".

9. Lucas: This name is a Greek category. Male name of Greek origin meaning "Bright" or "One Who Illuminates."

10. William: William is an English-language given name of Teutonic origin, meaning "He Who Protects".


In 2023, the most common names for girls are: 

1. Olivia: Olivia is a name of Spanish origin, derived from the Latin oliva, which literally means "olive".

2. Emma: The name Emma has ancient Germanic origins, deriving from the words "ermen" or "irmin," which mean "Universal" or "Whole." The name has been used over the centuries and carries with it a meaning of strength, power, and universality.

3. Charlotte: This name means "Woman", "Woman of the People", or "Free Woman". The feminine name Charlotte is the French version of Carlota and is considered the diminutive of Carla.

4. Amelia: It has Germanic origins and is derived from the term "Amal", meaning "Work" or "Effort". It is a feminine name that has a rich history and positive meaning. Over the centuries, several notable women have shared the same name, leaving a remarkable legacy.

5. Sophia: Sophia originates from the Greek "Sophia", which literally means "Wisdom" and "Divine Wisdom".

6. Mia: In Latin, Mia is a shortened form of the name Maria, which means "Sovereign Lady" or "The Pure."

7. Isabella: Derived from the Hebrew name "Elisheba", Isabela means "God is Oath" or "Consecrated by God". It is a fairly common feminine name in various cultures around the world, and throughout history, many notable women have shared this name.

8. Ava: Its etymology may be linked to the Germanic "Avila", meaning "Strength" or "Power", or the Hebrew "Chava," which is translated as "Life" or "To Live".

9. Evelyn - It can be interpreted as "Bird of Great Lineage", according to the Germanic roots of the name. The interpretation "Bird of Great Lineage" or "Desired Bird" is derived from the combination of two words from Old High German: "Avi" (desired) and "Linta" (bird).

To our happy surprise, our name appeared on the 2023 list.

10. Luna: It originates from Latin and means "Moon". This name is strongly associated with the Roman "Deity of the Moon".

This was the selection of popular baby names for this year of 2023. Is your baby's name on this list? We hope you enjoyed it! 

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